Legion of Light members are Kappa Phi alumnae involved in full-time, church-related vocations and other alumnae who carry out the ministry of laity. At each National Council of Chapters, members are honored in a recognition service. Between Councils active chapters may also honor their own Legion of Light members. Members are selected by a Legion of Light committee from alumnae nominated for membership by active chapters and alumnae.

During the year preceding each Council nominations are accepted. The Constitution lists the following requirements:

Recognition in the Legion of Light shall be limited to women who have been initiated as active members in a chapter of Kappa Phi, have graduated from a chapter or have received or are eligible to receive the Degree of the Rose.
This may include women in full-time church-related vocations (ministers, missionaries, deaconesses, directors of Christian education, etc.) or other Christian women who carry out the ministry of the laity.

In addition, the alumnae nominated should:

Be involved in church and community activities.
Have a special degree of Christian commitment, which is expressed in her work, her involvement in church and community and by her life as a whole.
Be a living example of the Kappa Phi philosophy.
Be an exception or outstanding member of her chosen field of employment or occupation.

A fully completed form must be returned for each alumna nominated. To continue honoring a current Legion of Light member, she must be re-nominated for each Council. This includes retired Legion of Light members also. The form can be found in the member's only section of the website. All nomination forms must be submitted by April 15th.