Making Time for God

Written by Karen DuBois, National Sponsor

A legend tells of the devil summoning his evil forces to consider how best to keep the world on his side. One demon said, “Send me. I will tell them that there is no God.” Satan replied, “They will never believe you. Most of them know that there is a God.” Another said, “Send me. I will tell them there is no heaven or hell.” Satan shook his head, “That will never do. They know that there is life after death.” Then a third spoke, “Send me. I’ll tell them there is a God, a heaven, and a hell, but there’s no hurry to decide.” “Ah,” said Satan with satisfaction, “that is the best plan!” He was sent out into the world to spread this lie. (source unknown)

We all live busy lives. Many things crowd into our daily schedules. We know we should make time for God, but we often think, “I’ll do that later, when I have time.” Right now, I have too much to do. As soon as the semester is over, I’ll find time for God. As soon as I meet my deadline at work, I’ll make time for God. As soon as I get settled after graduation, I’ll make time for God. When I’m older and have my life in order, I’ll make time for God. And so life slips by, God fades from our view, and we miss our opportunity.

Still, deep down we desperately desire to connect with God. And He wants to connect with us. Figuring out how to do that seems difficult, though. After all, God is God. He’s huge and mysterious and greater than us. He’s everywhere, yet He’s invisible. So we don’t connect with God in quote the same way we would with a friend at a coffee shop. Yet He asks us to come and spend time with Him.

So how do we reach for the invisible God? We simply need to make it a habit. The trick seems to be keeping our efforts intentional.

There are many ways to focus your mind on ‘what is above’. If you’re feeling a bit stuck, try developing some fresh habits. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Read one Psalm each day.
  • Start journaling.
  • Color Bible pictures.
  • Stop and listen. Sit before God in silence.
  • Get a Bible dictionary and read the background about your selected verse(s).
  • Pray Scripture back to God.
  • Use First 5 phone app to start your day.

God hears us when we cry out to him. He wants us to spend time with Him. God loves you and wants the very best for you. I encourage to set aside some time to pray to God and ask him to show you how you can best manage your time. Is there a job that God wants you to do for Him or is there an activity he wants you to give up? Lysa TerKuerst encourages us to only give our “best yes”. This means saying no to some good activities in order to focus on giving God our best efforts where He is leading us. Place your life in his hands and ask God to rule your heart. I pray that as you do this, God will give you His peace and encourage you in your Christian walk. Simply spend time with God!