Why walk in wisdom? (Read Proverbs 3)

The short answer, according to Proverbs 3, is because of all the benefits that typically come to our lives as a result of fearing God and walking in his ways.

The Proverbs writer describes a veritable cornucopia of blessings that God often bestows on those who walk in his ways. They include:

Long life - "length of days and years of life" (v. 2a, ESV)

Peace - "ways of pleasantness and . . . paths of peace" (v. 17, ESV)

Favor - "favor and good success in the sight of God and man" (v. 4, ESV)

A good reputation - "favor and a good name" (v. 4a, NIV84)

Guidance and direction - "he will make straight your paths" (v. 6b, ESV)

Good health - "healing to your flesh and refreshment to your bones" (v. 8, ESV)

Abundance - "barns filled with plenty, and . . . vats . . . bursting with wine" (v. 10, ESV)

Confidence and security - no need to "be afraid of sudden terror" (v. 25a, ESV); "when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet" (v. 24b, ESV); "the Lord will be your confidence" (v. 26a, ESV)

To be sure, because we live in a fallen world where evil and injustice are realities, where creation itself has been marred by sin, and where God designs to use even suffering and trials for our good and his glory, we should not treat these verses as mechanistic formulas or inviolable promises.

Godly people sometimes do die young. Wise people are sometimes involved in conflict and can be falsely accused. Those who fear the Lord sometimes face failing health or financial setbacks. Those who follow Christ sometimes must endure mistreatment and persecution.

Nonetheless, the principles in this chapter (and throughout Proverbs) do accurately outline for us the typical benefits and blessings that we can expect from the Lord when we live according to his wisdom.

Simply put: to walk in God's wisdom is the very best way to live!