Kora Conference

Chapters are organized into geographical groups (Alpha, Gamma and Zeta) that meet at Kora Conferences in alternate years from the National Council of Chapters.

Kora Conferences serve as a time for active and alumnae members to spend a few days together to exercise the four pillars of Kappa Phi--to Fellowship with sisters, to come together in Study and Worship, and finally, to Serve the community.

At each Kora Conference, official Kora Conference delegates elect officers who comprise each Kora Executive Committee. The Kora Executive Committees work to deliver and present materials provided by the National Executive Board; the Kora Executive Committees also work to plan and execute many events throughout the school year.

Kora Get Together

Alpha Kora, Gamma Kora and Zeta Kora (Kappa Phi’s three geographical regions) have separate fall Get Togethers that are hosted by a local chapter in the kora, and are planned by each kora board, including the date, location and theme.

The purpose of a Get Together is to:

  • Build sisterhood between chapters in the Kora
  • Give information on the National theme for chapters to use in their programming
  • To meet Kora and National officers

Often Get Togethers include activities such as:

  • Get to know you games
  • Small group activities
  • Skits around a theme
  • Service projects
  • Worship
  • Bible study
  • Workshops
  • Crafts
  • Campus tour (if held on a chapter's campus)
  • Fun, food and fellowship!