National Chapter Awards and Recognition

The Alumnae Tray

The Delta Alumnae Chapter was presented the first Alumnae Award in June 1979 at the National Council of Chapters in Atchison, Kansas. The silver tray which is engraved with “Delta Chapter 1979-1980” was presented for this group’s outstanding achievement in the reactivation of the Delta active chapter. The Alumnae Award was established that June by the National Executive Board. It will be given periodically to an alumnae chapter that has performed an outstanding achievement, even, or act to benefit Kappa Phi.

The Cooley Rose

The Cooley Rose is awarded at the National Council of Chapters to an active chapter, alumnae chapter, individual or individuals in Recognition of Service Excellence. The call to Service ranks high at all levels of Kappa Phi and is central to our existence. As one of the programming pillars, service is incorporated at all levels of planning from active and alumnae chapters, at Kora events and National Council, and through recognition in the Legion of Light.

The LeSourd Cup

Suggested by Mrs. H.M. LeSourd and instituted by the National Council of Chapters, which met at Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota in 1924, the LeSourd Efficiency Cup began its travels in the summer of 1925. Since then, the beautiful Silver Cup with a shower of pink roses has been presented at each Council to the active chapter most nearly reaching the efficiency standard set for the Club by the Council and National Executive Board. Although the evaluation criterion have been refined and broadened over the years, the six main points used in that first year still speak to us today: Reaching the constituency, Relation to the local Church, Finance, Alumnae, Local Chapter Program Books, and Candle Beam. Today, the LeSourd Cup is awarded at the National Council of Chapters to the chapter that has demonstrated the most improvement, particularly in the areas of growth and development.

The Thompson Trophy

It had long been felt that recognition should be given to those chapters which consistently maintain high standards of quality in all areas of Kappa Phi programming. Thus, the Thompson Trophy came into being as was awarded for the first time at the National Council of Chapters at Scarritt College in 1973. Named in honor of the founder of Kappa Phi, Harriett Thompson, the trophy is awarded to the chapter with consistency in excellence.

Certificates of Merit

Certificates of Merit may be awarded at the National Council of Chapters for an exceptional achievement. This recognition may be given to active and/or alumnae chapters.