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Kappa Phi Alumnae


Women who have been active members of a Kappa Phi chapter during college have many opportunities to continue involvement in our sisterhood after graduation. Kappa Phi alumnae, wherever they live, are welcome to participate in an alumnae chapter, attend Kora and

National events, serve as Kora or National officers, and even become involved in active

chapters as a Patroness or Sponsor.


The lifelong friendships in Kapa Phi provide many advantages that our sisters enjoy throughout their lives. Whether you choose to settle down in your hometown or move to an entirely new city, you will find a network of Kappa Phi friends who are always there to support you.

Kappa Phi alumnae will walk with you to share the lows and celebrate the highs in life.

The network of alumnae sisters will be those rare friends that love us deeply, see our greatest potential, cheer us on, teach us about life, encourage us on our spiritual journey,

pray for us daily, and laugh with us regularly. 

Your affiliation with Kappa Phi can also help you with your future career. Whether it is networking with other sisters in the professional world or using communication and leadership skills

learned during college in your active chapter, many members attribute their career

success, in some part, to Kappa Phi.

"Some friends play at friendship, but

a true friend sticks closer than one's nearest kin."

Proverbs 18:24

Types of Kappa Phi Alumnae Membership 


Life Member

Life Members are part of a sisterhood of young and older alumnae who continue to reap the benefits of Kappa Phi membership long after their college years are over. Life Members exemplify the prosperity, achievement, idealism and deep sense of personal responsibility that we all pray for ourselves, our families, and our communities. A Life Membership is the best way for members to take part in the enduring spirit and heritage of Kappa Phi. 

Life Membership is currently $250.00, payable in three installments within a year. With this membership, members are entitled to a printed copy of the Candle Beam and all other informational mailings for life. If member chooses to receive only a digital version of the Candle Beam, life membership price is reduced to $225.00.

One Life Member is selected among peers to sit as a voting delegate at Kora Conference and National Council of Chapters.


Alumnae Chapter Member

Most Alumnae Chapters meet at least 4 times a year using similar programming as the active chapters. Alumnae chapters also often provide support to one or more active chapters. Dues for this membership vary from chapter to chapter, but a portion of the dues goes to the national organization and a portion helps to support the alumnae chapter.


Member-at-Large (MAL)

If an Alumnae Chapter is not close by, you can still enjoy Kappa Phi's Kora and National events by becoming a Member-at-Large (MAL). For a yearly fee of $20 paid each January, a MAL is entitled to receive the Candle Beam and all other informational mailings for the year in which MAL dues are paid. This membership also provides the opportunity to be seated as a MAL delegate at Kora or National Conferences.

Looking for a deal? A graduating member, at Degree of the Rose, can purchase a 3 year membership for only $25!

Complimentary Member-at-Large (CMAL)

We understand that there comes many changes with college graduation. But, just because you graduate, you do not have to say goodbye! Sisters receive a free year of alumnae membership upon graduation!  This membership also entitles members to receive the Candle Beam and other informational mailings for two years after graduation.

Please note that to activate this free membership, your name, address, chapter name, and date of Degree of the Rose must be provided to the National Alumnae Secretary.

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