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The Lord's Prayer Service

The Lord’s Prayer Service is a meaningful recitation of the Lord’s Prayer by candlelight, each colored candle being lighted with its coordinating verse. It was brought to Kappa Phi by Alpha Xi’s Founding Sponsor Lucille Mowery. It became a tradition for Alpha Xi to do this service prior to the Degree of the Light to help the chapter focus on prayer with God.

Meal in the Upper Room

The Meal in the Upper Room is a tradition brought to Kappa Phi by Mrs. LeSourd from the Boston University School of Religion. This Easter ritual was originally called “Supper in the Upper Room”. It is based on a Jewish Seder meal, it represents the Passover Meal and is eaten in silence.

Service Week

National Service Week is always the third full week in October. This is the time across the nation that we challenge each other (actives and alumnae) to participate in at least one service project during the week. Many active chapters plan a different project for each day! What a great feeling to SERVE OTHERS!

Yule Log

Yule Log is a Christmas ceremony that reminds us of the origins of Christmas while taking time to remember our sisters that are spread far and wide. It is also a good time to reflect on the past year. Yule Log typically takes place as the last meeting before Christmas break.

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